Better than winning the lottery


If I ever win the lottery, I’ll keep writing poems. In fact, I’d probably write more of them. Most lottery winners quit their jobs after they get their money, evidence that many people work because they have to – not because they love their work.

I like my work as a newspaper copy editor, but if it didn’t pay the bills, I wouldn’t do it. Poetry is the thing that I keep doing even in the absence of a living wage, or any wage, actually.

My career as a poet has progressed this year after many years of what seemed like futile toil. I had a chapbook published in February, and the quality of the journals accepting my poems for publication has jumped a notch or two.

And now, this blog: I don’t intend to post my own poems but to point out where good poetry is living these days, whether it’s on other blogs, in print journals or on the side of a bus that just drove by.

Now, off to check those lottery numbers …


~ by ericedits on October 3, 2007.

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