Poetry and Iraq

In a previous post, I mentioned Brian Turner, a poet who served in the Army for a year in Iraq. “Here, Bullet,” the book that arose from his experience in the war, is chilling for its unflinching observations, but it is also heartwarming in a way because Turner brings the human element into focus.“Here, Bullet”  strikes me as a type of journalism. Turner reports what he saw and experienced in Iraq but refrains from forcing judgment on or drawing a conclusion for the reader.

A few lines from “A Soldier’s Arabic”:
“The word for love, habib, is written from right
to left, starting where we would end it
and ending where we might begin. “

By emphasizing a linguistic difference  between English and Arabic, Turner places America and the Arab world on opposite ends of a spectrum. The poem proceeds to suggest that our end is their beginning, and history shows that to be an ominous development. 


~ by ericedits on October 10, 2007.

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