Marketing for poets

I’ve been finding that there is a marketing aspect to being a poet. Serious writers don’t like to admit it, but how you present yourself and your poems to editors and the wider world can affect whether you get published.

For a long time, I didn’t bother when submitting poems to list the few flimsy publication credits I had. I figured such fliers, newsletters and little known rags wouldn’t help my poems find the printed page.

Now that I have more than a few credits to my name, I don’t list every one that I could. But for a beginner, each credit counts, and each one carries a small bit of credibility in the eyes of an editor, even if most editors would deny it. But it’s human nature to be impressed (at least a little) by a list of acceptances.In cover letters and About the Author blurbs, there’s nothing wrong with emphasizing your experience and publication credits. Too much hyperbole can create an obvious disconnect with reality. But selling your best self will help get your poems published.  


~ by ericedits on October 17, 2007.

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