Poetry discussion

With my January issue of Poetry was an offer for book discussion groups to request up to 10 free copies of the magazine. All the disucssion groups have to do is provide an account of the discussion spurred by the magazine.

It’s part of National Poetry Month, which is in April. Requests must be made by Feb. 20 at readinggroup@poetrymagazine.org.


~ by ericedits on January 1, 2008.

2 Responses to “Poetry discussion”

  1. are there any reading groups dedicated to the discussion of poetry? in hot springs we have a fiction group, mystery readers, and a women’s spirituality group to name a few. maybe this offer from poetry magazine will be the impetus to start a poetry reading group.


  2. Andy – I don’t know of any specifically discussing poetry. This would be one good way to start one, though.


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