Overnight rejection!

I submitted a batch of poems to an online journal Saturday night and found a swift rejection in my e-mail this afternoon. That’s a turnaround of less than 24 hours for six poems.

I know editors have to make snap judgments about the submissions they receive, but the quick reply on this one is giving me trouble. Maybe it’s because the usual hope and confidence a writer has when submitting work is still so fresh. Maybe because it’s clear this way that the poems were rejected not because they were competing with superior submissions but because the editor simply did not like them.

I researched the journal’s website, did my homework by reading the poems posted there to become familiar with the style and tone of the publication. That’s routinely recommended by editors, and I have followed the advice through the years.

But this episode has me wondering. Is submitting the type of work that an editor sees frequently really a good idea? Or would it be better to maybe submit poems that might strike an editor as something fresh?


~ by ericedits on April 13, 2008.

One Response to “Overnight rejection!”

  1. Such rapid rejection may seem like short shrift, but I have become grateful for it when it occurs compared to the opposite and more frequent experience, of things lingering somewhere for a year, or of never receiving a reply ever, which has happened with surprising frequency.

    With the frequent turnovers in staff, particularly in university publications, preferences are in flux also. Reading sample issues as a guide is often no guide and acceptance in one issue is no indicator of what may happen next time. . I submit the poems I like best . Thanks for your thoughtful blog.


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