New U.S. poet laureate: Kay Ryan

Congratulations to Kay Ryan on succeeding Charles Simic as poet laureate of the U.S. NY Times story is here.

I have not read any of her poetry, but from what I’m hearing about her, I’m looking forward to delving into what she has written.


~ by ericedits on July 23, 2008.

2 Responses to “New U.S. poet laureate: Kay Ryan”

  1. i hadn’t read any of her poems until she was named poet laureate but i found some of her work and was struck by this poem.


    As though
    the river were
    a floor, we position
    our table and chairs
    upon it, eat, and
    have conversation.
    As it moves along,
    we notice — as
    calmly as though
    dining room paintings
    were being replaced —
    the changing scenes
    along the shore. We
    do know, we do
    know this is the
    Niagara River, but
    it is hard to remember
    what that means.

    Kay Ryan
    U.S. Poet Laureate 2008
    from the book Niagara River 2005


  2. Andy, I’m not surprised that poem resonated with you. It sounds like one of yours.


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