What I’m Reading Right Now, Part 7

Fiction: “The Sun Also Rises,” by Ernest Hemingway. I’ll admit that whenever I have read Hemingway, I come away feeling like the reading was too easy and that I didn’t get anything out of it. But after a few days or a week, I catch myself still thinking about the story. “The Sun Also Rises” was that way for me.

I think that culturally the reader is supposed to get something out of the descriptions of bullfighting and a feel for the expatriate life. Nothing too dramatic, at least by today’s standards, really happens in the story. But Hemingway’s tale is told well, and there certainly is more on the page than you immediately realize.

Nonfiction: “The Case for Christ,” by Lee Strobel. This is the story of an atheist, Strobel,  who was a legal reporter in Chicago. His wife became a Christian, and he set out to disprove her belief. But his journalistic investigation led him to conclude that Jesus was who he said he was — God. The book has some very interesting evidence and offers reasonable logic.


~ by ericedits on November 9, 2008.

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