What I’m Reading Right Now, Part 9

POETRY: “Sleeping It Off In Rapid City” by August Kleinzahler — It was the title that grabbed my attention. I’ve lived in Rapid City for almost 27 years, and I wondered if the poet was referring to MY Rapid City. It turns out he was. The title poem is a virtual tour of the Black Hills, starting with downtown Rapid City, where I spend my days in the building at the corner of Fifth and Main streets. Kleinzahler’s observations are on-target and have the strong flavor of Whitman. The rest of the volume has its moments, too — check out “Peaches in November,” “Watching Dogwood Blossoms Fall in a Parking Lot of Route 46” and “The Swimmer.”

NONFICTION: “Uprising: A Revolution of the Soul” by Erwin Raphael McManus — This has been the current study of a small group at my church. McManus proposes that the Christian church needs people who live out the teachings of Jesus, not just show up to hear about them on Sunday mornings. That means leading out of a sense of humility, living life filled with gratitude and generosity, and finding wisdom though faithfulness and perseverance.


~ by ericedits on March 1, 2009.

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