New Editor at Pasque Petals

I attended the Poets Coffeehouse at the Rapid City Public Library on Friday night and was pleased to meet the new editor of Pasque Petals, Francie Davis.

Pasque Petals is the South Dakota State Poetry Society’s publication, which heretofore has been quarterly. Davis announced that it has become a semiannual (that’s twice a year to you and me). She also asked for poets to submit work for her to consider.

I had poems appear in Pasque Petals about 10 years ago. I believe the policy then was if you submitted, you got published. Davis sounds like she intends to raise that bar a little bit, but that can’t happen if she doesn’t get a quantity that allows her to be choosy.

I would love to see Pasque Petals get an editorial makeover to attract the best poets the state has, and Davis certainly seems to be open to making whatever changes are necessary.

So, South Dakota poets, how about polishing up your best work and giving Davis something to work with? Her e-mail is for more information.


~ by ericedits on April 21, 2009.

3 Responses to “New Editor at Pasque Petals”

  1. I have lived in West River South Dakota for over fourty years and I am a frequent visitor to Rapid City but did not know Rapid City had a poetry night at their library. That’s interesting. It sounds like a fun time. How does it work? Does a person need to register or just show up? Is the evening divided by different poetry categories and organized, or is it ‘whatever comes” and in any order? I’d like to know if I am ever to attend such an event. Thanks.


    • Mark, you can caLL ahead to register or just sign up when you get there. There’s no divisions by categories. I think there’s a one-poem limit until everyone who wants to read has read. Maybe I’ll see you at teh next one.


      • I’m not in Rapid a lot but I think that would be a lot of fun. Thanks for the comment. I’ll check next time I’m around and see if there is a schedule.


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