New Pasque Petals

I got the new issue of Pasque Petals–the South Dakota State Poetry Society’s journal–last week. I hadn’t seen an issue in over 10 years and recalled it as a publish-anything publication for poetry society members.

But the new issue shows some signs of renewed life. It’s still a publication that caters to its members, which I guess is not  a big deal–they are the ones paying to keep the journal going. However, I was happily surprised to find quality poems by Andy Thorstenson of Hot Springs and Linda Hasselstrom of Hermosa. Both are excellent poets who deserve recognition.

Pasque Petals’ new editor, Francie Davis, has been attending readings in the area, encouraging poets to subscribe and submit to the journal so she has an abundance of work to choose from. She figures it can only get better if she has more poets sending their work. It appears that her efforts have been successful already. It’s good to see someone trying to find the best poetry the state has to offer.


~ by ericedits on November 29, 2009.

One Response to “New Pasque Petals”

  1. Thank you Eric! We hope to continue to improve and capture more of our state’s best. We are updating our website (slowly), but anyone interested in membership or submissions can email them to Thank you again–hope to see you (in person or poem–hint, hint) soon.
    Francie Davis
    Editor, Pasque Petals


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