To MFA or not to MFA?

I spent an hour on the phone last Sunday with the director or the Rainier Writing Workshop. In detail, he described the program to me and asked me questions about my experience as a writer and a poet. He told me that he thought I would be good fit based on my experience, and his description convinced me that I would be, too. Before that conversation, getting an MFA in creative writing, for me, had merely been an abstract idea. But afterward,  I realized that I have now stepped onto terra firma in regard to earning myself an MFA.

The program’s deadline for this year is looming, although there would be enough time for me to apply. But I’m held back by the financial aspect — the program costs nearly $30,000 — as well as family considerations. My oldest child is only five years from starting college, and my wife’s employer has been urging her to earn her doctorate as soon as possible. In light of the fact that an MFA wouldn’t give my career an obvious boost, it seems prudent for me to wait. But the upshot is that I have decided concretely that it’s a goal I want to achieve. The timing will take care of itself.


~ by ericedits on January 21, 2011.

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