New series of poems

I’m nearing completion on a new series poems based on the book of Matthew in the Bible. “Lunch with the Tax Collector” is a collection of 28 poems, one for each chapter in the first book of the New Testament. I’m hoping to attract an audience made up both of Christians and of people who enjoy poetry with a concept behind it.

The idea originated in a K-2 Sunday school class I was teaching in 2007. As I was introducing the text to the kids each week, I kept getting inspired to write poems based on the material. So I followed through by reading and rereading each chapter until a poem or germination of a poem presented itself.

Initially, I wanted it to be a project presented with as much of the raw inspiration intact as possible, intending to go with early drafts and little revision. But as it turns out, there is a thin line between “raw” and “amateurish,” so I began several sets of revisions, some of which resulted in entirely new poems.

During the revision process, the next phase of the project came to me. It struck me that a visual component would be a good idea, so I contacted an artist who had hired me a few years back to write some ad copy. He is working on line drawings similar to the ones you see in the Good News translation of the Bible.

And as he finishes the artwork, I’m again casting  a critical eye on the poems, anxious to bring the whole thing to as wide an audience as possible.


~ by ericedits on January 30, 2011.

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