The new age of online submissions

I was just thinking the other day of how submitting poems to publications has changed. It used to be that a guy had to select a group of poems that were ready for the world and research publications that seemed like a good fit for his poetic vision. Then, the poems needed to be printed out, a cover letter written and a self-addressed stamped envelope stuffed into another envelope all together. Then it went out in the mail and a guy would wait for a response, sometimes not getting one and having little recourse other than writing another query to find out why he hadn’t received a response.

But things have changed.

Online submissions are swiftly becoming the norm, with online submission managers cropping up in quite a few places. And I love it. Now I review a publication’s website, click on an e-mail link, attach the poems from among my document files and ship them off through the intertubes. Lickety split. Replies are quicker, and re-querying for a status report is a lot simpler, too. I find that I rarely submit poems to publications that do not accept online submissions.



~ by ericedits on February 12, 2011.

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