Nice ‘Nibble’

I got one of the nicest rejections from Jeff Fleming, the editor of “Nibble,” which specializes in short poems. Here’s the jist:

“Spent a few moments reading your blog.  Liked the entry comparing poetry mags to Super Bowl contenders, but Poetry has a leg up in the submitting dept. as they allow email submissions! We’re grateful for the opportunity to read your work, but we’re sorry to say that these poems aren’t quite right for us. Thank you, though, for letting us have a chance with them.  We loved your brevity (such concise little bites!) and hope that you will consider submitting again.”

Thanks anyway, Jeff. It’s not often an editor will take the time to comment on the poems AND peruse the blog. I appreciate it, and perhaps I will submit again.

By the by, Fleming also mentioned that he is working up an issue based on a reader’s suggestion. “Nibble” is currently accepting poems with the word “nibble” and variations of it. Go the “Nibble” site for complete guidelines.



~ by ericedits on February 17, 2011.

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