It’s April. Read a Poem.

Happy National Poetry Month, to all. Take a few minutes sometime during the month to do something you probably don’t often do: Read a poem or two. I’m recommending Billy Collins’ anthology “Poetry 180,” which is geared toward entry-level poetry readers. It’s not the dreary, clear-as-mud poetry you were force fed in high school. Some of it’s even relevant to your life right now, I bet.

Other recommendations for casual readers include Garrison Keillor’s “Good Poems” and pretty much anything by Ted Kooser. If you want to get local, buy and read something by a South Dakota poet — James Reese, Patrick Hicks and Christine Stewart-Nunez all have recent books.

Tell you what: I’ll make chasing down a poem even easier on you. Here’s the first one I ever had published. It appeared in a publication called Writer’s Exchange and later was included in my chapbook, Father’s Curse, signed copies of which are available for $9 (s&h included) through this blog.


For Angela, One Month Before We Wed

When I look at you,

ten thousand flowers bloom

simultaneously in a field

in which I have never stood.




~ by ericedits on April 1, 2011.

2 Responses to “It’s April. Read a Poem.”

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  2. While April has passed and May is waning…why must it be April alone
    that gives us the stage. I suppose any recognition is better than none. April being a transition month. It must have been poets who selected the idea of this month, this time. “Name your month!” they were ordered. “You only get one.” The poets likely stared at each other in amazement. “Only one.” they thought. I have no doubt the poets who made the final decision as to which month to accept as National Poetry Month were bewildered at the thought of a thirty day cubbyhole but it was either that or none at all…so why not the month of transition. Windy. Irrasible. Angry April. Thank you for your continued link to my poetry blog. Nobody comments on my poetry. But that’s better that a boatload of critics chopping my apples to boil into sauce for their egos. Happy summer.


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