Long Busyness, Indeed

Yes, I’ve been derelict in my blog duties, as you can see from the April date on the most recent post before this one. Work life got hectic, and I was having a crisis of my poetry conscience. Now, though, work has cooled off, so much so that I’m less-employed than I’d like to be. And my love for poetry endures as always, although the all-too-frequent sting of rejected manuscripts does as well.

In an attempt to catch up on what poetry has transpired since I took my leave:

I got an email recently from Wayne Miller, the editor of “Pleaides,” announcing the release of his new book of poems, “The City, Our City.” Miller attended the South Dakota Festival of Books in Deadwood in 2009. Then, he was reading from his last collection, “The Book of Props,” and I found his poetry to be engaging in the way he presents his ideas and fragile in the way he constructs them as poems.

South Dakota State University professor Christine Stewart-Nunez also released a new collection, “Keeping Them Alive.” She appeared at this year’s South Dakota Festival of the Book, which I sadly was not able to attend. I had hoped to meet her.

And last, Augustana College professor Patrick Hicks edited “A Harvest of Words: Contemporary South Dakota Poetry,” an anthology that includes some of the state’s best poets, including state poet laureate David Allan Evans, Jim Reese, Elizabeth Cook-Lynn and Linda Hasselstrom. Hicks also presented at the book festival this year.

All great reads, I’m sure, and I’ll review each of them here as I finish them. In the meantime, read my interviews with Miller, Stewart-Nunez and Hicks here, here and here, respectively.


~ by ericedits on November 3, 2011.

One Response to “Long Busyness, Indeed”

  1. I can certainly understand too much life and not enough poetry. I am job hunting myself and finding most things difficult. Glad to see you’re back and still poetic. Thank you for visiting and subscribing to my blog. Say hi whenever you read something worth your time.


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