The Long Shadow of Inspiration

I’ve been re-reading Robert Bly’s earlier works over the past few months – “The Light Around the Body,” “Loving a Woman in Two Worlds,” “The Man in the Black Coat Turns,” “The Morning Glory.”

Bly has always been among the strongest influences on my poetic life as well as my spiritual life, if you can separate the two. But as I have re-read these collections, I’m surprised at just how deep his inspiration has reached into my poems. To read a poem like “Fifty Males Sitting Together” and recognize that one of my own poems holds a reflection of it moves me in a way I do not expect.

Humility demands that I attach the disclaimer that I do not mean to say that I possess the skill or insight that Bly has shared with us throughout his life. I only mean that I have found bits of light that his poems have cast off and have picked them up to illuminate my own experience.



~ by ericedits on November 21, 2011.

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