Born-Again Death Wish: spiritual obstacles

As I see it, the overall theme of Born-Again Death Wish, my forthcoming collection of poetry, is spiritual separation.

A few years ago, I wrote a series of poems while I was studying the book of Matthew. Matthew is a somewhat journalistic account of the life of Jesus, a just-the-facts telling of the story that lets people know how Jesus fulfilled ancient prophecies to show that he was who he said he was.

During my study of Matthew, I wrote one poem for each of the 28 chapters of the book. I would read and re-read until something from the text inspired a poem. Many of the poems required the biblical context of Matthew to be fully understood, but some did not, and they are the ones I have included in Born-Again Death Wish.

IMG_3884I think/hope these poems express an awareness of how we seek ways over, around and through spiritual obstacles — the things that get between man and God — religion, materialism, grief, broken relationships, and careerism in particular.

For poetic purposes, I define God broadly as the elusive fulfillment we pursue both consciously and instinctively, our innate constant yearning for deep, lasting happiness. Joy.

Born-Again Death Wish is available for pre-order from Finishing Line Press through April 17. The number of early sales I generate will determine the overall press run and the level of promotion the publisher will provide. To order, click through to Finishing Line Press.

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