Stolen Time: an anthology of poems written at desk jobs

I am pleased to announce that the editors over at Whatever Keeps the Lights On have included two of my poems in their new anthology, Stolen Time. The anthology features a selection of poems written while on the job.

Released today, Stolen Time features some of my favorite poets, including Courtney LeBlanc, Alfred O. Cloutier, Todd Dillard, Marisa Crane, Rosanna Jimenez, Kari A. Flickinger, Keith Welch, Stephanie Athena Valente, Chloe Gorman, Kersten Christianson, Emily Clauson, Erica A. Fletcher, Kelsey Zimmerman, Molly Beale, and Haley Winkle.  

My contributions to the anthology are “A Stern Note to My 15 Year Old Self” and “The Capitalists, Ending with Bits of Psalm 23.”

You can download Stolen Time here:

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