Check out the Cover Art

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Earlier this week, I received the cover art for the book of poet interviews I have been compiling. “After Long Busyness: Interviews with Eight Heartland Poets” will be released soon. For now, take a look at the cover (pdf), created by Emilie Hagny Downs of Imago Visual in Denver.

After Long Busyness: Interviews With Eight Heartland Poets


Just days till the ‘Liberty’s Vigil’ release

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“Liberty’s Vigil: The Occupy Anthology” will be released  Jan. 15 — that’s Sunday. Buzz around the book has been building steadily. Read more here, here and here. I can say I’m pleased to have my poem “Unfed Hunger” included. Readings are being scheduled around the country, wherever several of the included poets live close.

Through Sunday, there’s a pre-publication discount — only $15, including shipping.

Pre-order “Liberty’s Vigil” at

Best Poetry of the Year

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NPR’s list of the best American poetry of 2011 is certainly worth the read. Says critic David Orr, “poetry often needs to undergo periods of confusion to achieve the clarity for which we’ll later remember it.”

That’s a good summation of life in general right now, I think.

Release Date for ‘Liberty’s Vigil’ Anthology

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“Liberty’s Vigil: The Occupy Anthology” containing my poem “Unfed Hunger” has gotten a release date of Jan. 15. There’s a special pre-publication discount — if you order before Jan. 15, it’ll cost you only $15, including shipping. After Jan. 14, the cost is $20 plus shipping.

The anthology is being published by FootHills Publishing, the outfit that published my chapbook, “Father’s Curse,” in 2007.

Pre-order “Liberty’s Vigil” at

Order “Father’s Curse” at FootHills Publishing. Or contact me directly, and I can send you a signed copy.

Poetry by the Numbers

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New York magazine breaks down some popular poets and their financial lives in Livelihoods of the Poets. My favorite:

“Walt Whitman
Credentials: Wrote one of the best poems in the history of civilization.
Second Job: Government clerk.”

Poetry Prompt: Find Your Obsession

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Poets & Writers’ weekly poetry prompt is here.

Simic Says It

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Charles Simic on the New York Review of Books blog, via Poets & Writers:


I mustn’t forget, either, that I was surrounded by political exiles in my youth, many of whom, after having lived either under Stalin or Hitler, or in some cases both, never lost their vigilance. Even after twenty or thirty years in the United States, they gave the impression of keeping a suitcase packed under their beds, ready to flee at a moment’s notice should hippies or some variety of American fascists come power.

Lucky for them, they are all long dead, so they can’t read some opinion piece or hear a congressman or a senator today clamor for the very same police state measures they barely escaped from.


Read the whole thing here.

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